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Find and book your parking spot near some of the most interesting places in your country.

Customer Reviews

Michael V.

Extremely convenient, easy to search and compare parking prices. The product is constantly evolving and every time I use it is surprising me! Voice search is a killer! You can cancel or change your booking at no cost - no questions asked. I will continue to use it and tell all my friends.

Petros K.

In general, this app is a huge help if you need to park in the city. Customer service is always very friendly. The last time I paid 10 euros for 6 hours at Syntagma. I paid with my credit card and everything run smoothly. I like the ease and general credibility of the app.

Dimitra S.

Easy to use. I use the web to make reservations in advance, especially for the airport. No need of a credit card as you can pay in cash. They have many garages around El. Venizelos. Once my return was delayed and their customer support extended my reservation in seconds.

Panagiotis K.

Easy to use and very accurate. You can choose the best location at the lowest cost. One of the best applications I've ever used. I recommend it whether you park everyday or occasionaly.

Konstantinos R.

Good application. Excellent customer service. I have used it 3 times without any problems. I highly recommend this.

How it works?
Search, book, park

  • 1


    Say your destination, compare parking spots and prices near your destination.

  • 2


    Book a parking spot and pay with credit card or cash depending on parking specifications.

  • 3


    Follow the directions on the application map and park at your chosen parking spot.


  • Save time

    Don't spend time looking for parking. Search for a parking spot and stop circling the city for parking.

  • Avoid surprise costs

    Know the cost before paying. Set your arrival and departure in the application to know how much you are going to pay avoiding surprise costs.

  • Compare prices

    Find the cheapest parking spot near your destination. Compare prices and choose the best price near your destination.

  • There is always a parking spot

    Reserve your parking spot before arriving at your destination to ensure that you will always find a parking spot.

  • Across country services

    Choose from hundreds of parking venues in Athens, Thessaloniki and all countries in Greece.

  • Street-Parking or parking venue

    Park on the street, in municipal controlled parking spots, or private parking venues in the city, at the airport, at port.

  • Municipal controlled parking

    Buy parking coupons for street-parking, from your mobile phone and avoid parking tickets.

  • Ease of use and driving safety

    Search for a parking spot using your voice in 21 different languages.

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